How much is it going to cost?
If you're looking for a web site you'll want to know how much it's going to cost. We have tried to keep this completely transparent by including this calculator. Take a look at the examples and tick the items you think you might need - the total at the bottom will update. Please get in touch if there's anything you don't understand.

This is the minimum requirement for a website and includes 3 months of hosting, a domain name and a matching email address. Here's an example of a single page site: Carmen's Boutique.

Extra pages use the same header (logo, etc) as the home page. We automatically add a navigation menu where there is more than one page on the site. Example site with just 1 extra page: Off the Waggon.

With a contact form (sender name, phone, email address, message and SEND button) and optional social media links. The form will send to the email address you specify. Example here: Norfolk Nosh.

Add pages to your portfolio as you wish. The index page can be tiled, like Zinnia Garden Design and Box Valley Wine, or listed, like Our Gallery Page for example.

Add pages to your blog as you wish. The blog index page shows your latest entry with a list of your previous posts on one side. Here is an example news page: Box Valley Wine

Add an image carousel (slide show) to your home page or an extra page so that visitors can see your products, for example: All Wrapped Up.

If you would like to discuss a design please contact us.

Unfortunately having a great website is not enough - it has to be run on a connected server somewhere! But its not going to break the bank...

The first 3 months hosting are included in the price. After that there is a monthly cost which includes your domain, https certificate (domain validated) as well as server hosting.

If you want to send mail from your domain, you will need a dedicated mailbox. You can connect via Outlook or any other mail client supporting IMAP or POP, or use web mail.

We will email you a direct debit request once your site is live.