CMS tutorial - Item functions
Add New
This adds a new item to the page and opens a dialog so that you can select the type of item and edit the details. Here a text item is being added:
and here an image is being added (new images can be uploaded from the user's PC):
Ignore the boxes for "Tags" and "Classes" unless advised otherwise - these are not used normally and should be left blank.
Items can be removed from the page by setting their visibility to "Hidden" and restored by setting it back to "Visible". See the Show functions topic to learn how to find hidden items.

Existing items can be edited further by clicking to select one. When an item is selected, it gets a shadow like this:
...and more options become available in the navigator menu:
To edit the selected item, choose edit and refer to the diagrams above. Alternatively you can double-click an item to edit it more quickly.
Move ↑
This function moves the selected item up the page.
Move ↓
This function moves the selected item down the page.
This moves the selected item into the next zone. To learn about zones, please continue to the Show functions topic.
To de-select all items on the page, simply click the Item button in the navigator.