CMS tutorial - Page functions
Add New
If you have a portfolio gallery or blog in your site, this button allows you to create a new page in that area.
Choose where you want you want the new page to be created and click "create page". A new page will be created and the page edit dialog will open (see below) allowing you to fill in the details.

The edit button allows details of the page to be inspected or changed.

This lists every page on the site in url order and allows you to navigate to any page (including any marked as hidden).

This dialog allows ordering of pages to adjust menu and gallery page order sequences. Select a row representing the page you wish to move and adjust with the up/down buttons as required. Click "Update" to save the sequence.

The reload button refreshes the page from the server in the same way as your browser refresh button. Reloading or refreshing the page will discard any un-saved changes you have made - check the update button, if it is highlighted your page has un-saved changes.